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Transportation costs


The most important advantage of our company is free worldwide shipping. 5 items is the minimum wholesale order for which free delivery via express post is provided. Customers will get their orders in the shortest time possible.

For the first and only exchange of items shipping is also absolutely free. If the purchase is returned for the second time customer will be charged for two-way shipping.


There is a compulsory payment while shipping, it is usually charged by customs service while purchase transportation across the border. The payment of this duty is an integral condition for items import and export. While ordering in “BRAVO” shop pay attention that customs clearance isn`t included in the transportation cost and the value of items. Duties are often charged for more than 20 items order. There is no clearance for less than 20 items orders.


If you are not a resident of the EU and you want to place an order from 10 to 20 items without paying customs fee, you need to indicate this fact in the commentary to your order in the cart. In this case your order will be sent from a country member of the EU reducing your charges significantly.

Ordering goods in “Bravo” company you can save money on transportation fee and customs clearance. Our internet shop does its best for the customers so that they shouldn`t worry about the shipping of purchased items.
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