504 Dewdrop Girls Juvenile Dance Shoes

ID: 504 Dewdrop
ID: 504 Dewdrop
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Dance sandals Dewdrop for juveniles from ТМ Ray Rose. The model with a square nose, an enclosed front with an adjustable front strap. Latex orthopedic insoles, with built-in metatarsal support, perfectly fix the foot during the dance. Lining with antibacterial properties. Sole made of genuine split leather. Handmade shoes are made to the highest quality standards. The perfect pair for dance competitions and intense workouts.

  • Material – White Leather
  • Ankle strap with Ray Rose buckle
  • Squared toe
  • Specially designed insoles for young girls' arch support.
  • Heels for girls
  • Rounded heel shape
  • Gel insole in the toe area
  • Antibacterial microfiber lining
  • Anti-slip heels
  • Producer - TM FD Ray Rose, UK
Product category: Dance women shoes

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504 Dewdrop Girls Juvenile Dance Shoes 504 Dewdrop Girls Juvenile Dance Shoes