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Dear customer,
We do know how it is important for you to get your order on time as well as to be sure that you can rely on Bravo Dance. Our team work on the quality of our service and delivery terms on a daily basis. We cooperate with trustworthy logistics companies which help us to deliver our goods Worldwide. To get more information about our delivery options you can by clicking the links below. Every day we become closer to you!

Important information regarding fulfilling the shipping address

We kindly ask you to indicate the correct personal data to your shipping address as the responsibility of the delivery of your order lies with both sides of the process. Our system generate all the logistic documents automatically. If you made a mistake in your personal data your order could be lost or delivery will take much longer time than original terms. In that case, the Bravo Dance company is not responsible for lost package or delays in delivery as well as for all financial expenses spent on the production and transportation of the order.


4.1. Some provisions and information on the terms of delivery may be indicated in the relevant sections of the website and/or offers that are an integral part of the Public Offer Agreement of the electronic contract for the purchase of goods.

4.2. The Seller shall deliver the order in a timely manner, safe and sound, and in full according to the terms specified on the website and herein. The order delivery time shall include the time of the goods shipment from the warehouse and the time of delivery of the goods by the postal company.

4.3. The delivery shall be carried out to those countries that are in the list for selection when placing an order on the website.

4.4. The term of the goods shipment shall be indicated on each product in the goods card opposite each product characteristic. After selecting all the characteristics of the goods and the quantity of the goods, the exact date of shipment of the goods shall be displayed in the goods card.

4.4.1. Shipping dates may vary depending on the manufacturer (brand).

4.4.2. The Seller shall have the right to change the terms of shipment and delivery of goods by changing the information on the website. In this case, if the Buyer placed an order based on the same data about delivery times, and in the process of fulfilling the order, the terms changed, the Buyer shall have the right to refer exclusively to the data that were relevant at the time of the order placement and payment. This data shall be stored on the invoice and is included in the Buyer's order confirmation email.

4.5. The Seller shall be liable for the shipping time if he does not send the goods on time. In this case, the Buyer shall have the right to demand cancellation of the order or compensation in the form of the order delivery free of charge. When compensating for the cost of delivery, the Buyer/Payer shall be returned the delivery amount actually paid.

4.6. The delivery time of the goods by the postal service shall be indicated in business days and is indicative.

4.6.1. The Buyer acknowledges and agrees that during the goods delivery there are acceptable delays in the delivery of the order up to 7 business days due to weather conditions, technical problems, special working conditions during the lockdown period.

4.6.2. The order delivery time shall not include the terms associated with the customs clearance of the goods. Details regarding customs clearance of goods and taxes shall be indicated in the payment section.

4.6.3. The order delivery time shall not include holidays and weekends.

4.7. The terms and cost of the goods delivery for each country shall be given in the PDF file, which can be opened and downloaded on the website in the delivery section. The file may be updated regularly to display up-to-date information. This file is an integral part of the Public Offer Agreement.

4.8. If in one order there are several goods with different shipping times, the shipment of this order will be carried out according to the goods with the longest shipping time.

4.9. If the ordered goods, which were displayed with the status "in stock" is not available for shipment, the Seller shall contact the Buyer within 24 hours upon placing the order on a business day and agree on the details of this order.

4.10. The official period that indicates the loss of the parcel by the postal service shall be 10 business days after the standard terms of shipment and delivery of the goods, as well as the allowable delay rates for the delivery of goods by the postal service, have lapsed. In case of loss of the parcel, the Seller shall refund the payment in 100% of the amount to the Buyer/Payer.

4.11. The Seller shall not be liable for the delivery of the goods to the Buyer if the Buyer has indicated incorrect (wrong) data in the delivery address or contacts. In this case, the Seller shall not be liable for the delivery time, for financial losses associated with the loss of the parcel, with the return of the parcel back to the Seller, shall not be liable for the cost of the goods themselves.

4.11.1. The Buyer shall not be refunded payment for the order and delivery if the parcel was lost. In addition, the Buyer shall pay all additional costs associated with the delivery of a new order, including the cost of the order.

4.12. The Seller shall not be liable for the delivery of the goods to the Buyer if the Buyer did not contact the postal service to receive the parcel (order). In this case, the parcel shall be returned to the Seller. In this case, the Seller shall not be liable for the cost of delivery in both directions (to the Client and back to the Seller for return of the parcel).

4.12.1. In case of re-delivery of unreceived order, the cost of such delivery shall be paid by the Buyer, including all postage costs incurred by the Seller as a result of this process.

4.13. The Seller shall not be liable for the order delivery time if, during the automatic generation of shipping documents, the system detects a gross error due to which it will not be possible to generate a bill of lading. In this case, the Seller shall ask the Buyer for up-to-date data for the order delivery.

4.13.1. If, when updating the data for delivery, the Buyer fails to give proper feedback (by e-mail, by phone, etc.), the Seller may unilaterally cancel the order with the subsequent return of the payment to the Buyer/Payer.

4.14. The Seller shall be liable for the safety of the contents in the parcel if the Buyer finds that the contents are damaged or the goods are missing. The Buyer may record on video the entire process of opening the parcel and checking the contents for shortages and damage.

4.14.1. In this case, the Buyer shall send a request to the Seller's mail or to the postal address, which, if possible, should contain photo and video evidence of damage, other evidence (certificate from the postal company, etc.).

4.14.2. The Customer shall send a request no later than within 24 hours upon receipt of the goods from the postal service. Otherwise, the Seller will not be able to provide a video recording of the order preparation, since the recording is stored on the hard drive for 14 days upon the parcel was sent.

4.15. If there is damage to the contents of the parcel, the Buyer shall send this parcel back to the Seller in the original packaging.

4.16. The Seller shall refund 100% of the payment for damaged goods and compensate for the cost of shipping when returning the goods and complying with the conditions of such return.

4.17. "Damaged Goods" within the meaning of this Agreement shall mean:

- beauty products – if there are impact marks, cracks or broken areas that are directly on the product itself. If the cardboard packaging of the goods has signs of wrinkling and at the same time the goods themselves have undamaged appearance, such goods shall not be deemed damaged.

- clothing or accessories - damaged seams, hooks, holes, traces of goods use. The Buyer shall detect such damage to the goods before trying on the goods.

4.18. If the Buyer causes damage when trying on the clothes and accessories, the Seller shall not be liable for such damage to the goods and for all financial costs associated with this product and its repair.

4.19. The proof that the Seller sent the order in full, safe and sound shall be the video recording of the order preparation, where the process of packaging, labeling and dispatch of the goods is recorded. In this case, the Seller shall be solely responsible for the goods of the "beauty products" category, which could be damaged directly during the delivery process. The Buyer shall be responsible for other categories of goods ("clothes", "accessories").

4.20. If the order is not relevant for the Buyer, but the order has already been sent for delivery, the Buyer shall bear all transportation costs for the delivery of the order (package) in both directions (to the Buyer and back to the Seller to cancel the order). In turn, the Seller shall refund the payment for the order to the Buyer after deducting from the paid amount of the order all transportation costs that the Seller has incurred or will incur as a result of the parcel return.

4.21. The ordered goods at the time of transfer (delivery) to the Buyer shall be fully paid.

4.22. Other conditions for the goods delivery not included in the Public Offer Agreement shall be governed by the current legislation of Ukraine (if the Buyer is not from the EU) or the Czech Republic (if the Buyer is from the EU).