Bestelle 3 beliebige Produkte und erhalte das vierte als GESCHENK



(version of 24.01.2022 )



Dear User, please note that putting a tick symbol and/or using the site means that you have read and agree to the terms of use of website, and this is also your acceptance of this Public Offer Agreement. Putting a tick symbol, as well as using website in any form, is your unconditional agreement with all the terms and conditions of this Public Offer Agreement and is equivalent to signing the agreement by both parties. This Public Offer Agreement shall be binding on the parties. If you disagree with the terms of this Public Offer Agreement, you must refrain from using



"Website/Online Store" - a website owned by the Website Owner and having an Internet address, which contains information about goods, works, services, conditions for their purchase, payment, delivery, return and exchange, promotions, promotional and marketing events, other general information addressed to an indefinite circle of persons, on the basis of which any person can make an informed choice and enter into an electronic contract for the sale of goods with the Seller on the terms set forth in this Public Offer Agreement. 

"User" - an individual and/or legal entity with full legal capacity and using the website and/or its individual tools, and agreeing to the terms of the Public Offer Agreement.

"Buyer/Customer" means a User who purchases, orders, uses or intends to purchase or order goods on website.

"Website Administration" - the Seller, the administration of online store, which carries out and organizes website (online store) management.

"Seller" - a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur represented by online store, which posts on the Website information about goods and/or services that can be ordered. The Seller shall be indicated in the documents for a specific product.

"Agreement" - this Public Offer Agreement, including all its terms and conditions.

"Goods" - clothing, accessories, beauty products and other goods, the information about which is posted on the Website.

"Order" - acceptance by the User through the Website of an offer for specific goods and/or his referral by calling the hotline to the Seller with a request to place an order for goods, as well as a set of goods specified in the User's order. The Order shall also mean an Offer, on the basis of which an electronic contract is entered into.

"Offer" - information on the product posted by the Seller on the Website, which includes information about the product, its price, methods of payment and delivery, information about discounts and promotional offers for the product, as well as other conditions for ordering the goods. The terms of the Offers posted on the Website shall be set by the Seller. The Offer shall mean the information about the possible conditions for ordering goods.

 "Parties" - Website Administration, Seller, Buyer/Customer, User. 



1.1. This Agreement shall also regulate the procedure for the User's access to information posted on the Website, the procedure for using the Website, as well as the possibility of transferring (selling) goods to the User/Buyer.

1.2. This Agreement shall be the Public Offer Agreement.

1.3. By accepting the terms of the agreement, the User confirms his legal capacity, assumes the obligations arising from the use of website and the conclusion of the Public Offer Agreement.

1.4. Information about products (including price) and any other information displayed on website can be updated, changed and supplemented by the Website Administration at any time without prior notice to the User.

1.4.1. The Website Administration shall have the right to unilaterally amend the terms of this Agreement at any time. The amendments shall come into force from the moment the new version of the Agreement is posted on website.

1.5. Technical and maintenance works on the site may be carried out at any time. The Website Administration, if possible, shall notify the Users in advance about technical and maintenance works.

1.6. To carry out the activities of the website, the Website Administration shall use the services of third parties (payment services, banks, postal operators, etc.). The Website Administration shall not exercise control over the work of third parties and shall not be liable for their actions (work).

1.7. Exclusive rights to the official website and the information posted on it shall belong to the Website Administration and is not transferred under the terms of this Agreement.



2.1. Offers posted on the Website with information about the goods shall be the Seller's offer to the User/Buyer to conclude an electronic contract for the purchase of goods. The User, after reading the Offer posted on the website, shall have the right to take actions to accept (emphasize) the offer and place an Order.

2.1.1. The acceptance of the offer by the User/Buyer is considered to be placing an order and making full payment for the completed order to the payment details of the Seller.

2.1.2. Acceptance by the User/Buyer of the offer indicates that he/she has read the information about the product(s), availability (absence) of discounts, terms of payment and/or delivery, received information in an amount sufficient to make a purchase.

2.3. The Seller, after accepting the User's offer, shall process the order and can send electronic notifications to the User to his e-mail and/or phone number, messenger about the status of the order processing/performance. The Seller also, if necessary, shall have the right to clarify the details of the order with the Buyer in order to properly perform the order.

2.4. If there are objective reasons that prevent the execution of the placed order, the Seller shall have the right, after the acceptance of the offer by the User, to send him an updated offer with the changed terms of the Offer (including the cost), and the User can accept the updated offer or reject it. The updated offer of the Seller can be expressed by sending an electronic notification to the User (by email, SMS, message in a messenger or on a personal account), or a notification from the website's hotline employee. The terms of the updated offer shall be agreed by the parties on an individual basis.

2.4.1. If the User does not accept the updated offer and it is impossible to perform the placed order, the electronic contract for the purchase of goods shall be deemed terminated, and the payment made for the order shall be refunded to the User in full.

2.5. The Parties agree that the Seller's updated offer may set new (changed) prices for goods due to objective factors that affect the price (the cost of the goods, the seller's costs, changes in the exchange rate, etc.). In the event of a change in the price of the order: the Seller shall return the paid difference (if the price of the order has decreased); the User/Buyer shall make an additional payment for the order (if the price of the order has increased).

2.6. The Parties’ agreement on all the essential terms of the electronic contract shall be the payment and actual receipt of the goods by the User/Recipient, as well as the shipment of the goods by the Seller.

2.7. An electronic contract for the purchase of goods shall be terminated if:

  • there are grounds for returning the goods and the Buyer has met all the conditions for such return;

  • termination is made by mutual agreement of the parties;

  • the Seller may terminate the electronic contract (reject the order) unilaterally if it is found impossible to perform the Buyer's order (the goods are out of stock, etc.) by sending the Buyer an appropriate notice by e-mail and/or to mobile phone number. In this case, the rights and obligations of the Parties related to the sale, delivery and transfer of the ordered goods shall be terminated, and the cost of the order paid by the Buyer shall be returned in full;

  • the Buyer fails to perform his obligations (does not pay for the ordered goods, does not receive and/or refuses to receive the order (goods) without good reason, etc.);

  • the Buyer does not give feedback when the Seller specifies the details of the order for its proper performance;

  • the Seller fails to perform the obligation to properly transfer the goods. The electronic contract shall be deemed terminated from the moment the Buyer/User notifies the Seller about it.

2.8. Other conditions for concluding and terminating an electronic contract not included in the Public Offer Agreement shall be governed by the current legislation of Ukraine (if the Buyer is not from the European Union) or the Czech Republic (if the Buyer is from the European Union).



3.1. Some provisions and information on payment terms may be indicated in the relevant sections of the website and/or offers that constitute a part of this Agreement.

3.2. The Buyer/Payer shall pay for the goods, in accordance with the terms of the Agreement and posted on the Offer website using payment systems: Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Cash and other methods indicated on the website.

3.3. At the User’s/Buyer’s request, the Seller shall send a request for payment in the local currency of the User/Buyer, if such currency is provided in the payment system chosen by the customer within 24 hours of a business day.

3.4. At the Buyer’s request, the Seller shall have the right to accept payment using other payment system. In this case, all costs associated with the transaction must be paid by the Buyer. At the same time, the Seller shall have the right to refuse to use other payment systems for accepting payments without giving any reasons.

3.5. The difference between the amount for the goods and the amount actually paid by the Buyer/Payer, which was formed in the process of converting the exchange rate, shall not be returned to the Buyer/Payer if it does not exceed 1% of the order amount.

3.6. When paying for an order, additional fees shall not be charged by the Website Administration from the Buyer/Payer. The payment system fee, which is provided by the Website Administration for acceptance from Buyers/Payers of payments, shall be paid by the Seller.

3.7. If there is a bank fee from the Buyer/Payer's bank during the payment for the goods, the Buyer/Payer shall pay it independently without the possibility of compensating such fee from the Seller.

3.8. Information regarding the payment of taxes for the goods shall be indicated in the product card next to the price of the goods relative to the country chosen by the Buyer for delivery of the goods.

3.9. Confirmation of payment for the order shall be a receipt, a statement from the Buyer's/Payer's bank with a bank seal, which indicates: the Buyer's/Payer's bank, the name and surname of the Buyer/Payer, the transfer amount, the fee and additional costs associated with the transfer of payment, the recipient of the transfer.

3.10. Upon payment for the order, the Seller shall provide the Buyer/Payer with an invoice.

3.11. Information regarding the payment of customs duty for goods shall be indicated on the website in the delivery section, however, this information may change, and the Seller shall not be responsible for data regarding customs duty. The Website administration recommends specifying the customs duty data in the Buyer's country at the time of placing the order.

3.12. The Seller shall have the right to cancel the order (terminate the electronic contract for the purchase of goods) in the absence of crediting the full amount of payment for the order.

3.13. The Buyer shall have the right to pre-book a product if this option is provided on the website for a specific product. The reservation of the goods for the Buyer, who has chosen the payment method "bank transfer", shall be 48 hours and shall be calculated by business days. If the payment is not credited to the Seller's account within the specified period, the Seller shall have the right to cancel the reservation from the goods and sell the goods to other Buyer. The Seller shall not be responsible for the terms of shipment, delivery of goods if payment is not credited during the period of reservation of the goods.

3.14. If the Buyer, when making a payment for the goods, significantly exceeded the amount of payment for the order, the Seller shall return to the Buyer/Payer the difference in the exceeded payment amount within 3-4 business days.

3.14.1. To return the difference in the excess amount the Buyer shall provide the Seller with a bank statement in accordance with paragraph 3.9 hereof.

3.14.2. The Seller shall not be responsible for the difference between the amount of the order and the actual amount of payment for the order, unless the Buyer/Payer provides the Seller with a bank statement in accordance with paragraph 3.9 hereof.

3.15. If the Buyer's payment is not made by the Bank, the Buyer shall contact technical support or the manager of the bank where he has the account.

3.16. When returning funds to the Buyer for the reasons provided for herein, the Seller shall not be responsible for the timing of crediting funds to the account of the Buyer/Payer, since this is the responsibility of the Buyer/Payer's bank and the payment system.

3.17. The Seller shall refund the payment for the order solely upon the fact of the paid order to the payment details that were used to pay for the order.

3.18. The Seller shall refund the payment for the order within 3-4 business days from the moment the goods are received at the warehouse and confirmation that the goods meet the conditions for the return of the goods.

3.19. The Seller shall refund the payment for the goods without taking into account the cost of delivery and additional costs associated with the transportation of this order to the Buyer and back from the Buyer to the Seller (except if the Seller has sent the wrong goods by mistake).

3.20. The Seller shall not be liable for the financial costs associated with the Buyer's order if the Buyer did not follow the terms of the Public Offer Agreement.

3.21. Other conditions for payment for goods not included in the Public Offer Agreement shall be governed by the current legislation of the country where the Seller is located.



4.1. Some provisions and information on the terms of delivery may be indicated in the relevant sections of the website and/or offers that are an integral part of the Public Offer Agreement of the electronic contract for the purchase of goods.

4.2. The Seller shall deliver the order in a timely manner, safe and sound, and in full according to the terms specified on the website and herein. The order delivery time shall include the time of the goods shipment from the warehouse and the time of delivery of the goods by the postal company.

4.3. The delivery shall be carried out to those countries that are in the list for selection when placing an order on the website.

4.4. The term of the goods shipment shall be indicated on each product in the goods card opposite each product characteristic. After selecting all the characteristics of the goods and the quantity of the goods, the exact date of shipment of the goods shall be displayed in the goods card.

4.4.1. Shipping dates may vary depending on the manufacturer (brand).

4.4.2. The Seller shall have the right to change the terms of shipment and delivery of goods by changing the information on the website. In this case, if the Buyer placed an order based on the same data about delivery times, and in the process of fulfilling the order, the terms changed, the Buyer shall have the right to refer exclusively to the data that were relevant at the time of the order placement and payment. This data shall be stored on the invoice and is included in the Buyer's order confirmation email.

4.5. The Seller shall be liable for the shipping time if he does not send the goods on time. In this case, the Buyer shall have the right to demand cancellation of the order or compensation in the form of the order delivery free of charge. When compensating for the cost of delivery, the Buyer/Payer shall be returned the delivery amount actually paid.

4.6. The delivery time of the goods by the postal service shall be indicated in business days and is indicative.

4.6.1. The Buyer acknowledges and agrees that during the goods delivery there are acceptable delays in the delivery of the order up to 7 business days due to weather conditions, technical problems, special working conditions during the lockdown period.

4.6.2. The order delivery time shall not include the terms associated with the customs clearance of the goods. Details regarding customs clearance of goods and taxes shall be indicated in the payment section.

4.6.3. The order delivery time shall not include holidays and weekends.

4.7. The terms and cost of the goods delivery for each country shall be given in the PDF file, which can be opened and downloaded on the website in the delivery section. The file may be updated regularly to display up-to-date information. This file is an integral part of the Public Offer Agreement.

4.8. If in one order there are several goods with different shipping times, the shipment of this order will be carried out according to the goods with the longest shipping time.

4.9. If the ordered goods, which were displayed with the status "in stock" is not available for shipment, the Seller shall contact the Buyer within 24 hours upon placing the order on a business day and agree on the details of this order.

4.10. The official period that indicates the loss of the parcel by the postal service shall be 10 business days after the standard terms of shipment and delivery of the goods, as well as the allowable delay rates for the delivery of goods by the postal service, have lapsed. In case of loss of the parcel, the Seller shall refund the payment in 100% of the amount to the Buyer/Payer.

4.11. The Seller shall not be liable for the delivery of the goods to the Buyer if the Buyer has indicated incorrect (wrong) data in the delivery address or contacts. In this case, the Seller shall not be liable for the delivery time, for financial losses associated with the loss of the parcel, with the return of the parcel back to the Seller, shall not be liable for the cost of the goods themselves.

4.11.1. The Buyer shall not be refunded payment for the order and delivery if the parcel was lost. In addition, the Buyer shall pay all additional costs associated with the delivery of a new order, including the cost of the order.

4.12. The Seller shall not be liable for the delivery of the goods to the Buyer if the Buyer did not contact the postal service to receive the parcel (order). In this case, the parcel shall be returned to the Seller. In this case, the Seller shall not be liable for the cost of delivery in both directions (to the Client and back to the Seller for return of the parcel).

4.12.1. In case of re-delivery of unreceived order, the cost of such delivery shall be paid by the Buyer, including all postage costs incurred by the Seller as a result of this process.

4.13. The Seller shall not be liable for the order delivery time if, during the automatic generation of shipping documents, the system detects a gross error due to which it will not be possible to generate a bill of lading. In this case, the Seller shall ask the Buyer for up-to-date data for the order delivery.

4.13.1. If, when updating the data for delivery, the Buyer fails to give proper feedback (by e-mail, by phone, etc.), the Seller may unilaterally cancel the order with the subsequent return of the payment to the Buyer/Payer.

4.14 The Seller is responsible for the safety of the contents in the parcel if the Buyer finds damage to the contents or a shortage of goods, the buyer is obliged to provide a video recording of the process of opening the parcel and checking the contents for shortage and damage. The only way to prove the fact of the shortage of goods in the parcel is a video record of the process of opening the parcel.

4.14.1. In this case, the Buyer shall send a request to the Seller's mail or to the postal address, which, if possible, should contain photo and video evidence of damage, other evidence (certificate from the postal company, etc.).

4.14.2. The Customer shall send a request no later than within 24 hours upon receipt of the goods from the postal service. Otherwise, the Seller will not be able to provide a video recording of the order preparation, since the recording is stored on the hard drive for 14 days upon the parcel was sent.

4.15. If there is damage to the contents of the parcel, the Buyer shall send this parcel back to the Seller in the original packaging.

4.16. The Seller shall refund 100% of the payment for damaged goods and compensate for the cost of shipping when returning the goods and complying with the conditions of such return.

4.17. "Damaged Goods" within the meaning of this Agreement shall mean:

- beauty products – if there are impact marks, cracks or broken areas that are directly on the product itself. If the cardboard packaging of the goods has signs of wrinkling and at the same time the goods themselves have undamaged appearance, such goods shall not be deemed damaged.

- clothing or accessories - damaged seams, hooks, holes, traces of goods use. The Buyer shall detect such damage to the goods before trying on the goods.

4.18. If the Buyer causes damage when trying on the clothes and accessories, the Seller shall not be liable for such damage to the goods and for all financial costs associated with this product and its repair.

4.19. The proof that the Seller sent the order in full, safe and sound shall be the video recording of the order preparation, where the process of packaging, labeling and dispatch of the goods is recorded. In this case, the Seller shall be solely responsible for the goods of the "beauty products" category, which could be damaged directly during the delivery process. The Buyer shall be responsible for other categories of goods ("clothes", "accessories").

4.20. If the order is not relevant for the Buyer, but the order has already been sent for delivery, the Buyer shall bear all transportation costs for the delivery of the order (package) in both directions (to the Buyer and back to the Seller to cancel the order). In turn, the Seller shall refund the payment for the order to the Buyer after deducting from the paid amount of the order all transportation costs that the Seller has incurred or will incur as a result of the parcel return.

4.21. The ordered goods at the time of transfer (delivery) to the Buyer shall be fully paid.

4.22. Other conditions for the goods delivery not included in the Public Offer Agreement shall be governed by the current legislation of Ukraine (if the Buyer is not from the EU) or the Czech Republic (if the Buyer is from the EU).



5.1. Falls Sie die Ware zurücksenden müssen, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte und wir stellen Ihnen alle Informationen zur Verfügung.

5.2. Das Verfahren zur Rücksendung von Waren mangelhafter Qualität richtet sich nach den Gesetzen des Landes des Verkäufers und den Bestimmungen dieser Vereinbarung.

5.3. Der Kunde kann alle vom Verkäufer gekauften Waren, mit Ausnahme von Schönheitsprodukten und Körperpflegeartikeln, innerhalb von 30 Kalendertagen nach Erhalt der Waren vom Postdienst zurückgeben. Die Berechnung der 30 Kalendertage beginnt mit dem Tag nach Erhalt der Ware und endet mit dem 30. Kalendertag.

5.4. Jedem Paket muss ein Produktrücksendeformular beiliegen.

5.3.1. Während der angegebenen Frist vereinbart der Käufer die Möglichkeit der Rücksendung der Ware mit dem Verkäufer und sendet die Ware direkt zurück, indem er dem Verkäufer eine Sendungsverfolgungsnummer zur Sendungsverfolgung an die offizielle Post des Unternehmens customer@bravo-dance mitteilt. com, andernfalls erfolgt keine Rückgabe oder Umtausch.

5.5. Um Waren von ordnungsgemäßer/mangelhafter Qualität zurückzusenden, sendet der Käufer die Waren unter Beachtung der Bedingungen für die Warenrücksendung per Post an den Verkäufer zurück, und der Verkäufer nimmt die Rücksendung an und prüft die Waren auf Beschädigungen und Gebrauchsspuren , Vorhandensein aller Tags und Dokumentation.

5.5.1. Der Verkäufer hat das Recht, die Annahme der Ware zu verweigern, wenn diese bei der Rücksendung durch den Käufer unsachgemäß verpackt war und dadurch Spuren und/oder Schäden auf der Verpackung zurückblieben (einschließlich solcher, die während des Transports entstanden sind: Kratzer, Falten, Markierungen usw.).

5.6. Wenn Gründe für eine Rücksendung vorliegen und alle Bedingungen für die Rücksendung der Ware erfüllt sind, verpflichtet sich der Verkäufer, die Zahlung für die Ware, abzüglich der Versandkosten, zurückzuerstatten.

5.6.1. Der Verkäufer leistet eine volle Rückerstattung unter Berücksichtigung der Kosten für die Hin- und Rücklieferung, wenn die Rücksendung der Ware darauf zurückzuführen ist, dass der Verkäufer einen Fehler gemacht und die Ware falsch oder in schlechtem Zustand geliefert hat. Ein solches Problem muss vor der Rücksendung per E-Mail gelöst werden und der Kunde muss den Verkäufer über diesen Zustand informieren, sobald der Artikel beim Kunden eingegangen ist.

5.6.2. Wenn der Käufer einen Teil einer Bestellung zurücksenden möchte, die aufgrund eines Fehlers des Verkäufers mit falschen Waren versandt wurde, wird die Höhe der Versandkosten vom Verkäufer an den Käufer im Verhältnis zur Anzahl der Waren berechnet, die der Käufer zurücksendet .

(Berechnungsbeispiel: Wenn die Bestellung 100 Einheiten umfasste, beliefen sich die Versandkosten auf 100 $, während das Unternehmen 1 Einheit fälschlicherweise verschickte und der Kunde 1 Einheit zurückgeben möchte – in diesem Fall muss der Verkäufer die Lieferung vom Verkäufer an den Verkäufer erstatten Kunde 1 $. Und vom Kunden an den Verkäufer 100 % der Kosten ausschließlich auf der bereitgestellten Rechnung des Postunternehmens, auf der die Sendungsverfolgungsnummer, der Name des Postunternehmens, das Gewicht des Artikels, die Daten des Absenders und des Empfängers sowie die Lieferung angegeben sind Kosten sind angegeben).

5.7. Bei einer Rücksendung muss der Käufer das Paket außen und innen ordnungsgemäß und sicher verpacken, damit die Ware während des Transports durch die Post nicht beschädigt wird.

5.8. Nach Ablauf der für die Rückgabe der Ware vorgesehenen Frist hat der Verkäufer das Recht, Anträgen auf Rückgabe der Ware und auf Rückerstattung der Zahlung für die Ware, des Versands und anderer finanzieller Aufwendungen, die ihm entstanden sind, nicht nachzukommen Grundlage für die Übermittlung dieser Rücksendebestellung.

5.9. Maßgeschneiderte Waren sind vom Umtausch oder der Rückgabe ausgeschlossen.

5.10. Der Manager des Verkäufers berät den Käufer über die empfohlene Größe (Form) der Waren, die rein beratenden Charakter hat. Die Empfehlungen des Managers des Verkäufers bezüglich der geeigneten Größe des Artikels für den Käufer basieren auf den vom Käufer bereitgestellten Daten, einschließlich des Risikos, dass diese Daten ungenau sein können.

5.11. Wenn die bestellte Ware in Form oder anderen individuellen Eigenschaften nicht zu dem Käufer passt, stellt dies keinen Fehler des Verkäufers dar.



6.1. As a User, you guarantee not to take any actions that violate the laws of Ukraine or the Czech Republic, international law and actions that may disrupt the normal operation of the Website.

6.2. The User shall timely inform the Website Administration about unauthorized access to the User's personal account/profile by third parties.

6.3. Comments and other posts of the User on the Website shall not contradict the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine and the Czech Republic, the provisions of international law and generally accepted morality and ethics norms.

6.4. The User shall independently bear all risks associated with the indication of incorrect contact details in the Profile, contact details of third parties, transfer of the number and other data of his order to third parties, saving the login and password in his personal account (Profile) or transfer of his Profile data to third parties. All actions performed in the Profile and/or using data by the User shall be considered by the Website Administration to be the actions of the Buyer, and the Website Administration shall not be liable for these actions.

6.5. The User shall be liable for the accuracy of the data specified in the Order form on the event that incorrect, inaccurate and/or wrong data are indicated in the Order.

6.6. The Parties shall not be liable for full or partial failure to perform obligations hereunder if such failure is the result of force majeure, that is, extraordinary circumstances unavoidable under the given conditions, including mass riots, prohibitive actions of the authorities, natural disasters, fires, catastrophes and other force majeure circumstances.



7.1. By providing his personal data on the website when registering or placing the Order, the User shall give the Website Administration his voluntary consent to the processing, use (including transfer) of his personal or other data, as well as other actions provided for by the legislation of the country of the Seller and/or the General Personal Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), for the period necessary for such processing, use.

7.2. The privacy and personal data protection conditions shall be contained in the Personal Data Use Policy at the following link -



8.1. Claims, requests from the Users/Buyers to resolve disputes or other issues under the terms of the Public Offer Agreement may be submitted to the specified address of the Seller and/or to the email address The Seller shall reply to the Buyer within a reasonable time, unless otherwise specified by the current legislation of Ukraine or the Czech Republic. The Seller's reply may be in writing, by electronic notification or by actions indicating the satisfaction of the request.

8.2. Claims, requests from Users/Buyers (if they are sent in written, electronic form) shall contain information on: the subject of the request, statements about the ongoing order (its number, etc.), the actual circumstances on the basis of which the request is filed, the requirements (what the User/Buyer asks for); current details of the User/Buyer (full name, phone number, e-mail address, address for correspondence), necessary documents on the subject matter of request (if any).

8.2.1. In case of non-compliance with the form of a claim, request, (failure to enter the necessary information), the Seller shall have the right not to process such requests.

8.3. Based on the results of claim, request processing, the Website Administration/Seller shall send the User/Buyer a reply to his e-mail or to the correspondence address. The reply may contain statements: on the satisfaction of the claim, or on the refusal to satisfy the claim with an explanation of such refusal. In addition, confirmation of the satisfaction of the claim may be the performance by the Website Administration/Seller of certain actions on the subject matter of the claim, request.

8.4. Requests related to the procedure for the exchange and return of goods shall be primarily regulated in section 5 "PROCEDURE FOR RETURN AND EXCHANGE OF GOODS".

8.5. The User/Buyer may send a claim, request through the postal service or submit it in person to the address of the Seller.



9.1. The agreement shall come into force upon its acceptance and shall remain in force until its termination.

9.2. If the User does not agree with any provision of the Agreement, he shall immediately stop using the Website.

9.3. The User agrees that after completing the registration procedure on the Website, the Website Administration shall send letters and/or notifications, including advertising ones, to the Users' e-mail address. The User shall have the right to unsubscribe from such mailings on his own.

9.4. By indicating the mobile phone number in the forms on the site, the User automatically agrees to receive notifications from the site, including advertising. If there is an intention to stop mailing of this kind, the User shall contact the Website Administration.

9.5. In order to obtain any necessary, accessible, reliable and timely information about the goods or the Seller, for any reason, not received directly on the site, the User shall contact the Website Administration.

9.6. The Website Administration shall have the right to assign its rights and obligations hereunder to third parties at any time, without prior notice to the User.

9.7. The Website Administration shall have the right at any time to amend this Agreement and all appendices hereto (in whole or in part) unilaterally, without prior agreement and notification of the User. All amendments shall come into force from the moment the updated Agreement is posted on the website.

9.8. All possible disputes and contradictions arising between the Parties hereunder shall be resolved through negotiations or in accordance with applicable law and this Agreement in a claim and/or judicial procedure. Recognition by the court of any provision of this Agreement as invalid shall not cancel the validity of the Agreement in the remaining part and shall not relieve the User from the obligations assumed.

9.9. Electronic copies of documents, including electronic correspondence, shall constitute original documents and letters that do not require approval on tangible media, paper. The Parties agree that all correspondence, notices and notifications received at the email addresses specified herein and in the information fields during the User's registration on the site, as the details of the Parties, shall be deemed delivered to the addressee in the proper form.

9.10. This Agreement and the performance of its terms shall be governed by the law of Ukraine (if the User/Purchaser is not from the EU) or the Czech Republic (if the User/Purchaser is not from the EU).

9.11. Acceptance of this Agreement means that its terms and conditions apply in full to residents of Ukraine and the Czech Republic, residents of the countries of the European Union and the rest of the world, and are binding on them.




10.1. For Users/Buyers from EU countries


Registration number IČO - 11934611

Registered address: Roháčova 188/37, Žižkov (Praha 3), 130 00 Praha

Point of sale address: NA PRIKOPE 853/12, PRAHA 1, 11000 Czech Republic


Bank details: 

IBAN BE14 9672 3706 0383


Bank address: Avenue Louise 54, Room S52, Brussels 1050, Belgium



10.2. For Users/Buyers from non-EU countries

Individual entrepreneur Lashko Arkadii Andriiovych

Identification code: 3417106751

Address: Ukraine, 69120, Zaporizhzhia, Mykoiana Street, bldg. 6, apartment 4

Point of sale address: Ukraine, 02160, Kyiv, 4/14/83 Reheneratorna Street 

Bank details:    

IBAN UA133133990000026008055742534 in Zaporizhzhia regional department of JSC CB "PRIVATBANK"


WhatsApp-Nachrichten: +420 603 937 500