GUAPACHA Latin Dance Shoes

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ID: 190 Guapacha
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Latin dance shoes GUAPACHA from ТМ PAOUL. The model with a square toe and a delicate ankle strap. Beautiful design with straps tied in a striking knot at the bottom of the foot, elegantly adorns the foot, adjusting to the individual volume. Classic rounded heel. A high-quality sole made of genuine leather (split) does not slip on the parquet. The comfortable soft porous structure of the insoles provides maximum comfort while wearing and prevents the foot from slipping into the shoe. The soft structure of the sole and arch of the foot makes the shoe more flexible. These stunning shoes with perfect quality and original design will perfectly complement the dance look.

  • Material – Tan Satin / Flesh Buffalo
  • Square toe
  • Heel - Spillo Line
  • Regular fit
  • Split genuine leather sole
  • Anti-slip heels
  • Producer - ТМ PAOUL, Italy
Product category: Dance women shoes

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GUAPACHA Latin Dance Shoes GUAPACHA Latin Dance Shoes GUAPACHA Latin Dance Shoes