RICCARDO Men's Latin Shoes

ID: MSTN309 Leather&PatentLeather
ID: MSTN309 Leather&PatentLeather
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Men's Ballroom Shoes are available in 3 options: leather, patent leather and oxford textile. We have improved the impact absorbing low heel. - Low heel is 1 inch - Leather and patent leather options have side parts perforated to keep your feet berathing - The lining material is very soft and absorbs moisture - The high-grip split sole and long shank offers great flexibility and stability on the dance floor - The top lift (the layer on the heel, which comes directly into conact with the floor) is made of material that is highly anti-slip You can regulate the tightness of the shoe by lacing.

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RICCARDO Men's Latin Shoes RICCARDO Men's Latin Shoes RICCARDO Men's Latin Shoes RICCARDO Men's Latin Shoes