Ladies' Latin Dance Shoes Diamant style 035 Black Synth Nubuk

ID: 035-077-040
ID: 035-077-040
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Women’s Latin dance shoes 035 Diamant from TM Diamant. Handcrafted and made in Germany. Round-toe sandals with a criss-cross strap at the heel. The upper part of the shoes consists of 4 criss-cross straps stitched on the mesh. Push button closure facilitates fast fastening and unfastening. Standard width model (width F) for medium instep. Sandals with an elegant 5 cm flared heel. Breathable, antibacterial, and moisture-absorbing microfiber from a premium Italian manufacturer is used as an inner lining. The upper material is high-quality Italian microfiber 0.8 mm thick.

  • Material – Black Synth Nubuk/microfiber
  • Button fastening system
  • Rounded toe
  • Flare Heel 5 cm
  • For medium instep
  • Split genuine leather sole
  • Producer - ТМ Diamant, Germany
Product category: Dance women shoes

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Ladies' Latin Dance Shoes Diamant style 035 Black Synth Nubuk